Sunday, August 2, 2009

bath stuff haul at Suds and Scent company ...

Hello! decided to start sharing the stuff that i bought and already used these past few weeks. Had so much time in my hands lately coz I haven't been working for almost 2 months now...My bank account is starting to dry-up!

But I went back to my shopaholic days shopping and the sorts!

Here is my haul at a local store its called The Suds and Scent Company, the lady owner is very helpful to explain about the products that she carries. Most of the products in the store are made in Canada.The store is in lindsay, Ontario
Bath fizzies in coconut berry: I crumbled 2 pieces but I think its not enough. The scent is not that strong. Haven't used the last 2 pieces
tube of Dead sea soaks by Simple: It has sea salt and epsom salt with pieces of lavander. This is soo relaxing after a days work. The lavender pieces sticks to the sides of the tub so a bit messy hehe

Barefoot Lass foot cream by Simple: I'm soo loving this foot cream right now I even let my cousin try it one time and she started to love it that she demanded that I buy her one when I go back to Toronto haha. I apply it at night before going to bed. the cream is infused with several oils such as peppermint which gives a cool relaxing feeling after a few minutes of application; hazelnut oil it has a toning or astringent property and since it has a distinct scent it blends with the pepermint odor of the cream;lavander oil which is thought to have a calming and relaxing effect;tea tree oil is thought to have some antiseptic property and property against yeast or fungus;cypress oil has antiseptic,astringent property, when applied there's no sticky feeling or too oily after effect which I love.Tub o'licious by Tval (a company in New foundland, Canada) check their website for other exciting products : I love the lavander vanilla scent but it comes in different scents. What I love about this product is it has several ways on how to use it. I copied what is written on the back panel of the bag
Tub o'licious is probably the most luxurious, decadent bath you've ever had...moisturizing cocoa butter ,soothing oats, nourishing soy milk and it foams too! Just drop one bag in your tub while you run the water. squish it a bit to release all the goodness that's inside, and jump in with it. while you're in the bath use the bag to gently polish your skin and reveal soft, smooth and gently fragrant. You can also use it in the shower: just soften it in the water squish it in a bit and use as a wash coth..
Ingredients include oats, soy milk powder, cocoa butter...

What I have written and will be writing is my own experience in using these products. I am not convincing anyone to use them I just wanna share my everyday adventure in trying products.

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