Saturday, November 21, 2009

what I tried...

Lush bath bombs...tisty tosty and butter balls. Love bath products, it was my first time to go in a Lush store and I hope not alot of their store treat someone like me that way tho...I was asked several times by a staff if I know what a bath bomb is and how it works I said yes to her several times it made me feel like I was a total idiot... will buy again? probably not
BRTC Aqua Clean Deep Cleanser: based on the label it is an effective foaming cleanser for caring sebum and keratin and presenting moist and smooth skin texture. It does do what it says, its not harsh to my combination skin as it tends to have sensitive days that I get irritations and then pimples. after using it leaves my skin soft and moist and ready for the next step..
Clinique turn around instant facial masque: I need to use facial scrubs 2-3 times a week as I wear make -up frequently and I have really large pores.. You only need to leave it for 5 minutes and rinse it off with warm water. What I hate about it is its hard to rinse it off especially the glittery particle
Lush Ocean Salt Face and body scrub:what's in it? sea salt ,grape fruit infusion, fresh lime extracted from vodka ,lime oil, fresh avocado butter, coconut fat,lanolin, sea weed absolute...when you use it I have an odd tingling sensation hahaha and after rinsing it off my skin feels smooth and smells good will continue using this for now
Green MUF HD primer... my face have some redness and this helps hide em...
My first etude house product... peach pink blush! I love how it blends well to my skin, the effect is brilliant as my skin is a bit dull right now
Shiseido white lucent emulsion one of my essential skincare regimen
Clinique superdefense day and night moisturizer for combination skin I use this more now as the weather is causing my skin to easily become dry that its itchy and also what I love is has SPF 25
The masques I bought at silk whitia face and eye masques, Hisamitsu packs, my beauty diary) and some that I got as freebies buying sulwasoo and missha products at several sites on ebay . I'm loving my beauty diary chocolate mask it leaves you're skin smooth and firm and smells super yum!!!!!!!!!!! making me think like I applied cadbury chocolate all over my face

Friday, November 20, 2009

my first DSK jewelry....

As soon as I opened the package and saw the candies I had one hekhek
I took a pic of myself before going to work, wearing the necklace hahaha. The earrings my aunt made for me a few years back, she makes jewelry sometimes...

Thursday, August 27, 2009

whats in my bag?????

This is the bag I'm using right now for work, as it rains often where I live I'm using one of my plastic type bags. The gray pouch is my make-up bag- in it is my stila press powder, stila glossy shine, hair brush, medications like allergy pill and tylenol hehe. The red pucca pouch is my pencil case. And of course I always have stash of snacks. Can't leave my planner as my work schedule might change sometimes. And my purse. I also have a pink water bottle that I carry around.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

several hauls in the month of july

Make-up forever aqua eyes waterproof eyeliner...most of the time I just wear mascara and eyeliner so over the years I 've been trying different brands.. I like make up forever eye pencil because it doesn't smudge on me

Tsubaki Damage Care by Shiseido: Already used it for a week and I could see the difference in the texture of my hair it felt softer and lighter, but I observed there is this strong scent when you just squirt it out from the bottle but after a while it dis appears.

Lancome art liner in ice black: I used it twice but for me this can't be for everyday
Fekkai glossing cream: I have a straight hair but it still gets frizzy which really drives me nuts! But I have to be really careful in how much I apply because I found out several times applying too much on my hair makes it too oily hehe

Lancome Intense collagen anti-wrinkle serum: I got this as a freebie from sephora. I used it for 3 days so I wouldn't know if it really works because I'm currenlty trying the cellnique line

Diorshow blackout waterproof mascara: I'm sticking to this for now as I'm impressed with the brilliant effect on my lashes even after a whole day doing errands keke

Sephora ultra shine lip gloss: I"m currently using the number 15 which is the pinkish one on top...I apply this before my elizabeth arden lipstick in mauve becuase I find that I use lipstick alone it makes my lips really dry
Cellnique line : Soothing and Hydrating Lotion ( I use this twice a day)
Skin Action Sebum Gel- I am only applying this at night for now just a pea size, upon application it gives a cool minty feeling
Vital Cellular Repair Emulsion: I use this every night just a small amount is enough
Over all after a weeks use I find a change in my face ,the red spots caused by an irritation after using a product for several days. Small bumps of pimples started to dimish, hoping that it will continously do so...
freebies included in my order for cellnique haven't tried any of them vital cellular repair serum,vital repair cleansing milk, intensive hydrating complex and vital cellular repair masque
This is my entire haul: tsubaki shampoo and conditioner, kracie collagen mask with coq10, kose clear turn hyaluronic acid and coq10 masks, majorca mascara

Sunday, August 2, 2009

bath stuff haul at Suds and Scent company ...

Hello! decided to start sharing the stuff that i bought and already used these past few weeks. Had so much time in my hands lately coz I haven't been working for almost 2 months now...My bank account is starting to dry-up!

But I went back to my shopaholic days shopping and the sorts!

Here is my haul at a local store its called The Suds and Scent Company, the lady owner is very helpful to explain about the products that she carries. Most of the products in the store are made in Canada.The store is in lindsay, Ontario
Bath fizzies in coconut berry: I crumbled 2 pieces but I think its not enough. The scent is not that strong. Haven't used the last 2 pieces
tube of Dead sea soaks by Simple: It has sea salt and epsom salt with pieces of lavander. This is soo relaxing after a days work. The lavender pieces sticks to the sides of the tub so a bit messy hehe

Barefoot Lass foot cream by Simple: I'm soo loving this foot cream right now I even let my cousin try it one time and she started to love it that she demanded that I buy her one when I go back to Toronto haha. I apply it at night before going to bed. the cream is infused with several oils such as peppermint which gives a cool relaxing feeling after a few minutes of application; hazelnut oil it has a toning or astringent property and since it has a distinct scent it blends with the pepermint odor of the cream;lavander oil which is thought to have a calming and relaxing effect;tea tree oil is thought to have some antiseptic property and property against yeast or fungus;cypress oil has antiseptic,astringent property, when applied there's no sticky feeling or too oily after effect which I love.Tub o'licious by Tval (a company in New foundland, Canada) check their website for other exciting products : I love the lavander vanilla scent but it comes in different scents. What I love about this product is it has several ways on how to use it. I copied what is written on the back panel of the bag
Tub o'licious is probably the most luxurious, decadent bath you've ever had...moisturizing cocoa butter ,soothing oats, nourishing soy milk and it foams too! Just drop one bag in your tub while you run the water. squish it a bit to release all the goodness that's inside, and jump in with it. while you're in the bath use the bag to gently polish your skin and reveal soft, smooth and gently fragrant. You can also use it in the shower: just soften it in the water squish it in a bit and use as a wash coth..
Ingredients include oats, soy milk powder, cocoa butter...

What I have written and will be writing is my own experience in using these products. I am not convincing anyone to use them I just wanna share my everyday adventure in trying products.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Re-opening my blog

Inspired by the blogs I read and visited for the past few days I decided to re-open my blog. I will try to review products and stuff that I bought. I am more of a bag and shoes lover but I started to be interested in bath and body, skin care and make-up. I was not keen on skin care before because I was too cautious of the things I use as my skin tends to be sensitive...